Yeti Cycles

Yeti Cycles is a high-end mountain bike manufacturer that was looking to refresh their site in a way that showed off their beautiful photography and video. They needed a developer to create a site that was highly interactive and fresh. I worked with their creative directory to create an innovative site that makes you crave a day on the trails with the SB66 or one of their other innovative models.

The Urban Alamanac

Laurie, a photographer, and Erica, a food stylist wanted to team up to create a food blog that highlighted locally produced food and restaurants in Colorado. They were looking for a way to do this without creating yet-another-food-blog. I worked with Charles from Wigwam Creative to come up with a concept that drew people more into the experience of the feature and that allows each to show off their photography and recipes.

Pizzeria Da Lupo

Pizzeria Da Lupo is a neighborhood pizza joint in Boulder, CO with high-quality food. They needed a new web experience that highlighted the quality of their food and engaged people more with the restaurant. Charles, from Wigwam Creative, and I concepted a site that was based on the concept of "food first". I did the photography and web development while Charles did the design. A typical restaurant site sees visitors usually spend little time on the site and going straight to the locations and menu pages. Since their site launch, anaylitics show that more people are visiting and spending much more time on the site checking out their beautiful food.

Kaiser Educational Theatre Program

Kaiser Permanente's Educational Theatre Program needed a new site to communicate their role in the community and get students, educators, and parents excited about the programs they offer. They needed the site to be fresh but still stay within the feel of the existing brand and also feel part of the overall Kaiser Permanente brand. I did this by spending time with the Kaiser ETP creating architecture and user experience documents, making sure that the site met their goals and really showcased the great programs they offer. We decided to feature photography that is inviting and displays the character of the program.


I lead the development team at Xylem to build a fun brand site for Chiquita who wanted to build a stronger connection to the brand, show the history of the company, and bring back the Chiquita song. The site is full of fun, playful elements that establish the brand personality. There is a section where visitors can learn the Chiquita song and record their own version using their computer's microphone and web cam. The songs get recorded and uploaded to a YouTube gallery. Another section allows them to upload photos with the Chiquita sticker where a winner is chosen every month.

Frontier Airlines Desktop Deals

I helped Frontier Airlines build a desktop application that allows them to publish last-minute flight deals to frequent flyers. Based on a user's flying habits and location the application pushes deals out to user's desktops that have a few hours expiration. It's a great way for Frontier Airlines to fill up unused seats on flights. The Adobe Air application connected to a Java backend. It featured personalization such as choosing your "animal" which would change the icon and deal alert sounds of the application.

Broncos Country

The Broncos wanted a way to interact with their fans and build more fan loyalty. My team concepted a social-networking site where fans could interact with each other and the Broncos organization. Fans can post blog entries, images, video, and recipes. Fans can build up loyalty points based on how much they interact with the site. I worked on a two-man team to develop the backend to run the site and allow the Broncos to administer the site. I also developed the HTML/CSS for the front-end.